Natural Wellness Workshop

Last December I got a call from Ionia leaders about a federal grant for Peer Support training in Alaska. We are pleased that our neighbors got the grant and are headed to Fairbanks for the first of three trainings. Sept 4-6 right here in River City we are hosting a Natural Wellness Workshop with Ionia, Alaska’s Peer Support Village!

“Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of growth and positive change. Join us to immerse yourself in disciplines which support joy, health and wellbeing: energetics of food and health, plant-based cooking, mindfulness practices, yoga and body rub. Learn to maintain balance within and with one’s environment.”

Who should come? People who have personally experienced traumas, mental illness and/or addiction in their families, with friends or themselves - as well as students of whole health.

What does it cost? Because it is grant funded we are charging a minimal fee of $50 to cover the cost of the venue, the JP Jones Center. Don’t let the fee deter you, we will find a sponsor if needed.

When are the classes? September 4-6 from 9am to 4pm.

How do I register? Call Linda at 907-987-6045 or email at

Linda Setterberg

As the Fairbanks Reentry Coalition Coordinator,  my job is to bring agencies and people to the table to give reentering citizens the keys to successfully achieve their personal goals.