FRC Meeting on Thursday!

On October 19, 2018 I wrote a blog on “HOPE” little did I know that a mere 6 months later we would open The Bridge here on 400 Cushman with all the components of our dream!  We envisioned a bridge of hope for those leaving a life of addiction or releasing from incarceration. Our doors opened a little wider by not requiring a person to be arrested before they can get help. Our kind of help looks like a peer giving you a ride to a meeting or developing a plan for recovery.  I am going to quote myself, “We have the opportunity to engage in hopeful conversations that give a vision of home, work and relationships.”

Fairbanks Reentry Coalition is stronger due to our relationships and partnerships whether with our funders the Alaska Mental Health Trust and the State of Alaska DHSS, our Coalition Partners from a variety of agencies and individuals with a heart for change.  Please join us at City Hall in the Chambers this Thursday morning at 10am with hope for a safer and stronger community.

Linda Setterberg

As the Fairbanks Reentry Coalition Coordinator,  my job is to bring agencies and people to the table to give reentering citizens the keys to successfully achieve their personal goals.