It's a Puzzle!

Fairbanks Reentry Coalition is building something in Fairbanks and the pieces are not all in place yet.  I think that they exist but they need to fit together more neatly.  There may still be a few left in the box to discover and a few may have fallen to the floor. 

When I put puzzles together I like to put the edge pieces in place first, sorting through the pile of pieces to pick up the one with a smooth edge, the corner, and the borders.  Earlier this month we were given a puzzle to put together and I have to remind myself that even though we have the picture (the grant narrative) it’s going to take some time to put it all together.  The timeline was hopeful and before we get all the pieces in place we need a place to put them!  So for now we are gathering the pieces and when we get the place ready we will put them all in place.  

We hope to announce our new space by March 20th so keep tuned in!  Our next coalition meeting will be April 4th at 10am at our City Hall Council Chambers.  Hope to see you there!